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60 Plate, 5" x 13" Plate Exchanger

60 Plate, 5" x 13" Plate Exchanger
60 Plate, 5" x 13" Plate Exchanger 60 Plate, 5" x 13" Plate Exchanger
Product Code: BPHX60
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The exchanger nominal size is 5" x 13"  60 Plates exchanger with 1-1/4" ports.  8 Sizes in stock and ready to ship.


1" connections through 40 plates and 1-1/4" ports on 50 plates and larger.



Nearly 10% larger, improved water flow, and heat transfer over the competition.


See sizing chart and flow details below


The optimized plate design requires less heat transfer surface area for the same capacity and brings about a lasting reduction of investment costs.  The wide range of sizes guarantees a design tailored to the exact needs of your customers.


The optimized wave configuration results in ideal flow across the entire plate width, guaranteeing maximum heat transfer rates.


If you attach great importance to the variety of sizes and sophisticated technology then the eZe-Heat Plate exchangers are the right choice for you. 

-      Heating/Service Water Systems

-      Floor Heating

-      Super Coolers and Condensers

-      Oil Coolers and much more





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