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Alternative Heating Systems

A-Maize-Ing Heat

Biomass Furnace & Boiler

Available as an 80,000-165,000 Btu Variable Rate System
Burns a Variety of Biomass Fuels; Corn, Cherry Pits, Pellets etc...
UL Listed ensuring you a safe and quality home heating system
We Now Have UL Listed Power Vents Available! No expensive chimney needs to be built!

Here is an overview of the UL Listed, A-Maize-Ing Heat Biomass Furnace and Boiler: These systems are designed for burning dry shelled corn along with other biomass fuels including pellets and even dried cherry pits. The availability of these fuels along with A-Maize-Ing Heats ease of operation, efficiency level, and low cost of ownership, makes this a desirable alternative to high fossil fuel prices. These systems can save you money while efficiently heating your home, shop or business and the boiler model may also provide you with your domestic hot water.

The A-Maize-Ing Heat Biomass Furnace and Boiler systems operate using a bottom-fed burn pot. The systems augers pull grain from its 14 bushel hopper into the bottom of the burn pot thus supplying the fire with the necessary fuel. Burning takes place at the top of the burn pot where a forced draft fan injects air creating the ‘forge effect’, a very lively and hot fire. Any ash that is created falls off the side of the burn pot and drops into the ash pan below making these burn pots ‘self cleaning’.

The A-Maize-Ing Heat Biomass Forced Air Furnace is installed indoors and can be used as a stand alone heating system or it can be connected directly with your existing furnace duct work. An A-Maize-Ing Heat ASME Certified Closed Loop Boiler also needs to be installed indoors though it can be installed in a different building other than the one being heated. The boiler system can be connected directly with an existing hot water boiler or radiant floor system. The boiler may also connect to a forced air furnace using a water to air heat exchanger.
This investment for your heating needs may pay for itself in just a few short years leaving you with extremely low heating costs for the future. We can provide you with a customized quote or answer your questions, simply give us a call at 888-825-0808.
Please Note: The 14 Bushel hopper and two auger assemblies are included with system purchase.
Furnace Install and Owners Manual Boiler Install and Owners Manual